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What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

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So you are either getting married on the beach or attending a beach wedding and wondering what to wear to a beach wedding?  Here are some recommendations from top wedding experts who specialize in beach weddings and their advice on what to wear to a beach wedding:

Firstly, determine if the beach wedding is actually in the sand or on a hard surface overlooking the beach.  This will determine your shoes.


Lady Guests: Flip flops,sandals or bare feet for a wedding in the sand- even if the reception following is on a hard surface – are perfectly acceptable.  However, if you are bare footed in the sand, do make sure you bring a pair of shoes to wear to the reception . Unless the reception is in the sand, it is considered poor form to show up in completely bare feet to a reception.  If the ceremony is on a hard surface overlooking the beach, sandals or strappy dress sandals, open-toed shoes with a low to medium heel are perfect.

Grooms or Gentlemen Guests: can enjoy an untucked , finished (ironed) crisp linen or cotton shirt, light colored pants (drawstrings are fine) and sandals or flip flops.  And gentlemen: take a cue from the ladies: if you are wearing toe-revealing shoes or going barefoot, treat yourself to a pedicure for perfectly groomed gentlemanly toes and feet.  Nothing shows off one’s grooming and attention to detail like a beach wedding where the attire is more revealing.

Brides:  Relaxed, not too formal or too “fitting” wedding dress.  From short and perky to long and flowy, the goal is to be unstructured and feminine.  Barefoot in the sand or flip flops with some bling or pretty sandals that make you feel special.  It’s whatever you want.  But the overall idea is unstructured and relaxed with a touch of panache.  It is your day, afterall.




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