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Weddings in Sedona

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The Southwest has so much to offer for a variety of destination wedding experiences and the city of Sedona embodies the quintessential southwestern wedding experience.   A Sedona, AZ wedding offers a smorgasbord of options for wedding locations.  For the bride looking for a traditional wedding , there are wedding chapels and resorts for upscale elegant weddings;  for the outdoor, more adventurous couple truly seeking to use the natural rugged red rock backdrop for their setting, there are outdoor wedding locations with breathtaking vistas  and one can even arrange to have a traditional Native American wedding to tie in the local history and flavor .

When so many choices are available in a destination hot spot like Sedona, we recommend hiring a reputable local wedding planner who can save you time and money by presenting only those locations and wedding services that meet the bride’s wedding date, budget and wedding vision.   Here are our top 5 reasons to choose Sedona for your destination wedding:

1.  Picture perfect backdrop options from getting married on the red rocks, to classic, elegant locations at local resorts and spas to  Native American weddings.

2.  Many activities for guests: from golf, spas, hiking, relaxing by the pool,  guided tours to the Grand Canyon, red rocks, special historic sights, helicopter tours, ancient Indian ruins, to star gazing at night , your Sedona destination wedding allows you and your guests to make it a weekend to remember with lots of unique touches.

3.  Mild climate year round.  While Winter is rainy season, the temperatures can be mild and easy for guests to travel. It does not snow that much in Sedona and when it does, it quickly melts, so it affords many options for  enjoying all kinds of activities.  Hot summer days still hold options for weddings: from cool shady areas by flowing creeks to holding weddings in the cooler evenings when the sun sets on the red rocks, there is no such thing as a bad time of year at Sedona.

4. Getting your marriage license is easy and quick.  No residency requirements.  It can be applied for anywhere in the state of Arizona and is good for one year from the date of issue.

5.  All of the options in Sedona allow for a creative wedding experience.  For example, why choose just one Sedona experience ?  Why not host a Welcome Reception creekside at charming restaurant, host your wedding on the red rocks, your reception at a luxury resort overlooking the red rocks and Farewell Brunch at a golf course with stunning views?  The wedding professionals in Sedona are experienced and know their area.  Trust them to help you plan the perfect wedding to maximize your experience. For more information on your Sedona wedding, click here.

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