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All Blog Weddings in a Castle | Top Ten Considerations

Weddings in a Castle | Top Ten Considerations

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Fairytale weddings in a castle are among the most romantic wedding dreams in the world.  Below are our top ten considerations when booking a castle wedding:

1.        Hire a professional wedding planner in the area who can walk you through all the legalities of getting married in their country and county and who also knows the minutiae of the castle in which you will be getting married.

2.       Before booking your castle wedding, know what is included for your site fee.  Is it exclusively yours?  Are there restrictions to areas you and your guests and vendors can use or is the entire castle and its grounds yours to use as you wish?  Will your vendors have unlimited access for set up in the days preceding the wedding or are there limitations?

3.       How will guest parking be handled? Are guests to arrive via shuttle service only or is valet required?

4.       What kind of liability insurance must you carry?

5.       Are you required to use the vendors recommended by the castle or may you bring in your own?

6.       Are there event time restrictions that require you to stop music and have all guests departed by a certain time?

7.       If the castle sleeps guests, find out if housekeeping and cooking services are provided and included in the site fee or cost extra. If no overnight accommodations are included, find out the nearest town and recommended accommodations for you and your guests and make sure you budget the travel time for guests to get from the town to the castle on your wedding day timeline .

8.       Are there ample restrooms for your sized wedding group?  Many older castles do not have the plumbing demands for larger weddings.  Ask if VIP portarestrooms may be a good option and recommended.

9.       What kind of lighting is at the castle (for events that go past dark) and is a generator needed to help with the extra power and lighting demands?

10.   If traveling internationally, plan on arriving at least a week before your wedding day to allow time to overcome jet lag, re-hydrate and tie up any last minute details.

 Knowing the answers to these questions in advance can help ensure your wedding in a castle is a fairytale dream come true. 

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