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All United States Alabama Wedding Makeup for Hot Weather | The DIY Bride Guide

Wedding Makeup for Hot Weather | The DIY Bride Guide

bridal makeupWedding makeup in hot weather can be a challenge, especially when your look has to look fresh for up to as long as 20 hours.  For those unable to hire a professional makeup artist who has the product and tools necessary to deal with any wedding situation and weather, we have comprised a  DIY bride guide with hot wedding weather makeup tips.  Hot weather destination wedding locations may provide the perfect romantic backdrop for saying “I do”, but when it comes to wedding makeup for hot weather, knowing the right tips can mean the difference of looking “hot” (in a good way) or looking utterly melted and less than picture-perfect on the big day. With photos intended to last a lifetime and be shared with generations to come, looking fresh and glowing is simply not an option.

DIY Bride Hot Weather Makeup Tips

1.  Start with a great foundation before the foundation. That is, before you even add makeup, make sure that your face has been well cared for.  The single best “secret” for a glowing face on your wedding day is that of a healthy diet and lots of water to plump out the creases, get rid of toxins, etc.  If you can, indulge in several facials in the months preceding your wedding.

2.  Avoid all cream products – whether it be makeup foundation, concealer, lipstick , eyeshadows, blushes, etc.  Cream runs horribly in the heat and humidity.

3.  If you can, airbrushing on a foundation is a great way to make the makeup stick and stay.

4.  For blush, use a powder or gel.

5.  For lipsticks, use lip stains (one of the best), balms or light glosses

6.  Do not line the bottom of you eye – stick to the top with a waterproof eyeliner and use water proof mascara on both top and bottom lashes.

7.  Pack blotting sheets in your wedding day handbag and use regularly to remove excessive oil and “shine”.

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