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Wedding Cake Inspiration

Choosing the wedding cake can be the best part of the planning process. You get to travel to different bakeries and sample their top flavors. What is less stressful than that? Although it may sound like an easy fun task, choosing your wedding cake can easily become overwhelming. There are so many different aspects that go into the cake. What color are you going to make it, what flavor, what style, how large, and so much more. A lot of these details depends on your location, however here are my 5 favorite wedding cake styles:

1. The Classic Rose Detailed Cake- I love the romantic feeling the roses provide while still being a sophisticated cake. I also love the decorative freedom this style gives. The roses allow you to add a pop color without having to make an entire tier a bold color.

2. The Cord Lace Cake- The elegance this cake brings is enchanting. I love the vintage vibe the lace provides. The lace also allows you to have visible detailing while still keeping the neutral coloring of the cake.

3. The Art Deco Cake- This style provides such interesting detailing to your cake, from the shapes to the beading it is hard to go wrong.

4. The Ruffled Cake- I love the way this cake mirrors the brides dress. The ruffles add a flowing effect to the cake similar to the bottom of a wedding dress. The flexibility with this cake is endless. You can make the individual ruffles different colors or have the base cake a color while keeping the ruffles white.

5. The Quilted Cake- I absolutely love the way this cake looks like it has been upholstered. This style adds the perfect amount of structure without being too stiff.  I also love that with this style you have the ability to add any type of detailing you desire!

I hope these few styles inspire you when you are choosing your cake. Happy tasting!

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