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Vintage Romance Inspiration At Its Best

  • Oak Valley Plantation House

Historic wedding locations are the only option for the bride who has a touch of vintage romance in her heart and wants this to be a part of her special day.  History evokes a feeling of nostalgia and with history , there is always a story.  Stories make for uniqueness and having a historic wedding location can be the ultimate in having a truly original wedding.

Historic wedding locations around the world range from ancient ruins, historic castles, historic mansions, parks, ships and even landmarks like trees or mountains.  As with any site, and particularly those similar to park weddings, you must do your due diligence and know the questions to ask up front.  Here is a sampling of some starter questions to ask or consider when booking your historic wedding location:

Is it open to the public? 

What times can your vendors have access for set up?  Clean up?

Is there ample parking for guests?

If the wedding is in the evening, is there ample lighting for guests to find their way out at the end or must lighting be brought in?

Are there ample restrooms for your size group and are they conveniently located for guests? 

Do you need to secure any special permits if it is a designated historic site and if so, how much are they and what do they include?

Do you need to provide proof of liability insurance and if so, how much?

Finally, one of the fantastic things about hosting a historic wedding location is that its story can be woven into aspects of your wedding to truly offer guests an experience unlike any other, thereby making your wedding one that they will be talking about for a long time.

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