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All Blog Tips for Getting Married in Puerto Rico

Tips for Getting Married in Puerto Rico

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When you think of Puerto Rico weddings, do you think of a Caribbean weddingPuerto Rico is, in fact, located in the Caribbean and has many of the same attributes visually of some of its neighboring islands and countries but is much easier to get married.  The scenery is a blend of lush rainforest and white sand beach magic.  From Puerto Rican sunset weddings, elaborate resort celebrations or intimate beachfront villas, there is a style for everyone. 

Here are some top tips for getting married in Puerto Rico, including legal requirements as well as some fun creative touches to include a taste of Puerto Rico in your wedding.

Here’s what you will need to get married in Puerto Rico:

1.  Proof of residency.  If you do not live in Puerto Rico, you must have an affidavit testifying that you are not a resident of Puerto Rico and your sole purpose for being there is to get married.

2.  Medical certificate showing compliance with tests required for marriage in your place of residence – note: this is valid for 10 days only.

3.  Photo ID- state ID card or Passport is fine

4.  Birth Certificate

5.  Required Internal Revenue stamp (about $20) makes your license authentic.

If you are divorced or widowed, please bring the necessary documents showing this as well.

Puerto Rican weddings have their own flavor and style and knowing some of the fun traditions and cultural elements allows you to infuse them into your Puerto Rican wedding to truly make it a memorable and cultural experience.

  • A fan with the bridal bouquet means good luck.
  • The bridal bouquet is adorned with corsages that the couple then pins to all the guests so all guests receive corsages.
  • The Money Doll sits at the Head Table for guests to pin money for the newlyweds
  • Traditional food includes roasted pig and wedding cake flavored with rum. The bride and groom traditionally drink from coconut cups.
  • Live folk music is a must.

For a sampling of some of the best Puerto Rican wedding locations available, click here.

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One Review of Tips for Getting Married in Puerto Rico

  1. Susan Tij says:

    I loved your article with tips for getting married in P.R. Do the newspapers there publish wedding/engagement announcemments like they do here on the U.S. mainland? If so, which ones? I’m hopeless at research, and my fiancee is even worse!


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