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All Blog Spotlight on Seattle Weddings

Spotlight on Seattle Weddings

  • Photo Courtesy of A Beautiful Day Photography
  • Photo Courtesy A Beautiful Day Photography
  • Photo Courtesy Rubin Photography


Seattle weddings are everything a city wedding can and should be – but with more sexy, chic, energetic, historic and glam thrown in.   Seattle has a diversity only few other big cities can offer.  In the very heart of Seattle’s sophistication lies a “down-to-earthedness”  with art, rugged outdoor opportunities in the mountains, lakes , ocean and of course, coffee.

What few know about Seattle is that Seattle wedding locations include options such as wineries, historic hotels, resorts, upscale hotels, oceanview venues, mountain & lake locations, farmhouses, lodges, gardens, cruises and famous locations such as Madison Park and more.

While Seattle is known for being rainy, the best months of dryness include July and August, but why let a little rain get in the way?  Rain is good luck and a sign of abundance for the newlyweds.  While July and August can be very hot, they may be more suitable for indoor wedding locations. 

Not sure where to tie the knot with all these fabulous choices?  Contact one of our seasoned Seattle wedding professionals at any one of our preferred Seattle wedding locations by clicking here.

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