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Destination Wedding Ideas

The ever-popular destination wedding, affectionately called the “weddingmoon”, combines the wedding, reception and honeymoon together in one location. With all the details and challenges in planning a “perfect” wedding and the pricetag that come with it, more couples are opting to reduce the hassle and focus on something truly unique. The destination wedding is generally held at a desirable location that allows the wedding guests to vacation and spend more quality time with the wedding couple.

The destination wedding is typically under 40 people and involves a few days of activities for all the guests. The destination wedding is the central location that the bride and groom chose as their “headquarters”. Activities are then planned for their guests from this location. These destination weddings can be an exotic destination or the hometown in which you grew up.

When planning a destination wedding be sure to have an itinerary for your guest, so they will have an idea about what to expect.

Whether it is an exotic destination or the hometown in which you grew up, there is a wide array of choices to put you in touch with the honeymoon and/or destination wedding location of your dreams The professionals at these locations will assist you in planning the honeymoon or weddingmoon of your dreams. If you would like a professional travel agency to assist you, is experienced in romantic travel and can customize a package just perfect for you.

Imagine having your wedding in romantic destinations like Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, Costa Rica or even Canada. To find your destination wedding,click here, to begin your search.

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