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Professional Beauty for Your Wedding

  • Photo Courtesy of TEAM Hair and Makeup Service
  • Photo Courtesy of TEAM Hair and Makeup
  • Photo Courtesy of TEAM Hair and Makeup Service

Whether you have an at-home wedding or a destination wedding far away, professional beauty for that wedding day glow is a must.  The photographs taken on your wedding day will be shown for a lifetime and possibly to future generations.  With so many budget choices brides face, generally professional wedding makeup and hair services are among the first to be slashed from a wedding budget with the hope that the bride can “do it herself”.  But here are some considerations that should be taken before you make that “cut” to apply that makeup yourself instead of professional.

A true professional  makeup artist listens to you and takes in mind the look you would like.  Don’t want to look “made up”?  No problem.  But did you know that a true professional has to work almost three times harder and longer to achieve a natural look for photos?

Professional makeup artists have access to industry-strength product.  What does this mean for you? It means that while your makeup is being done at 11am and your ceremony is not until 3pm and you will be partying and sweating until midnight, your makeup will not budge and still look as fresh as when applied in the morning.  Many makeup artists will offer you samples of lipstick to carry with you to do touch-ups or offer additional services to stay on and personally touch you up in between ceremony and reception.

Makeup and hair professionals are trained in how to work with “problem” areas on skin and hair and how to correct them safely. Planning a wedding can mean poor diet and sleepless nights and take its toll on what should be radiant skin for glowing photographs.  Professionals know how to contour, shade and highlight so that the photographs taken show off your features and make you glow.

 Want to do a trial runthrough?  Ask your professional what the options are: is there a charge for the trial? If so, is the fee (or a portion of it) applied to his/her services if you book them?  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and speak up.  Bring samples of looks you like so they know where to begin.




All photos courtesy of TEAM Hair and Makeup Service, Santa Barbara, CA

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