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All Blog Planning an Inspired Beach Wedding in Tahiti

Planning an Inspired Beach Wedding in Tahiti

  • Photo Courtesy of WordCountries.Info

Planning a beach wedding in Tahiti means including some Tahitian wedding traditions!  And who wouldn’t want to escape to this quintessential, world-renowned beach wedding location and not bask in the local culture, art, traditions and use some of them in their Tahitian beach wedding? 

  • Priests’ assistants dress the bride and groom in pareu (painted wraps like sarongs) and adorn the couple with flower crowns and leis.
  • For the procession, groups of dancers and musicians go ahead of the bride and groom and the path is paved with tropical flower arrangements.
  • Following the ceremony, the couple is wrapped in a Tifaifai (Tahitian quilt) to symbolize the coming together of two families.
  • The newlywed couple is always offered a traditional Tahitian cocktail immediately following the ceremony.

In Tahiti, it is all about including nature and the natural surroundings and thousands of years of tradition.  Let the Tahitian wedding professionals on staff at some of the best Tahitian wedding locations guide you through the process so you can relax and enjoy the journey. 



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