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Planning a Private Estate Wedding

An estate wedding in the United States can feel like the equivalent of a castle wedding in Europe.  Planning a private estate wedding can afford privacy, elegance, luxury and tremendous flexibility.  With most private estate weddings, you “buy out” the entire property, so you have flexibility with your wedding vendors on setting up and breaking down.  If you are really lucky, your private estate will also offer accommodations to you and your groom or even the nights preceding your wedding, other family members as well. It is so much more relaxing to wake up and get ready on the actual site of your wedding on your wedding day and helps minimize stress.

Some private estates are already equipped for large events with plenty of parking, adequate kitchen facilities for the caterer, restrooms, etc.  But it’s always good to find out what your restrictions and options are in advance before putting down that hefty deposit. Here are some starting questions to get out of the way up front for your private estate wedding location:

1.  What kind of parking is available to guests? Should you hire a valet?  Hire a shuttle to bring guests in?

2.  What kind of Liability Insurance do you have to provide?

3.  What kind of privacy is guaranteed and for how long will you have the estate?  What day and time can vendors arrive for set up and what day and time should they be expected to strike (break-down)?

4.  Are there adequate restrooms and plumbing for a group of your size?

5.  Will there be an onsite event manager or maintenance manager to oversee any challenges with plumbing, restrooms, electricity, replenishing toilet paper in bathrooms, etc.

6.  If your event is outdoors, who will make sure sprinklers are turned off so as not only not to go on during your event, but before and after your event, thereby possibly damaging your rentals already on site (tables, tenting, dance floors, linens, etc).

7.  What are noise restrictions for that neighborhood? At what time does the event have to end and music be off?

8. What Full Service Caterers and professional vendors have worked at this property before and know its requirements and restrictions (thereby saving you money and possible crises)?

Knowing what to ask in advance can not only help make your planning streamlined, help prevent budget crises surprises but also help you enjoy the process of planning your private estate wedding.

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