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Packing with Panache

By Kim Carmel

You found the perfect dress, a dashing tux, a hairstyling genius and a makeup artist extraordinaire. Now, let’s make sure you get to your destination with the wedding garb-and all the bridal essentials-safely in tow.

  1. If you’re flying: “Always carry on and store the gown and tux in a first class closet,” advises JoAnn Gregoli, Master Bridal Consultant and owner of New York’s Elegant Occasions. “Most major airlines will accommodate you if you call ahead”. If the airplane does not have ample room in closets or overhead bins, hang your gown/tux inside a garment bag, gently fold inside a large, sturdy box and place in a hard, carry-on suitcase.
  2. Retain the shape of your gown during travel by stuffing the bodice, sleeves and bows with acid-free tissue or unbleached muslin. Donna Keane, director of Distinctive Honeymoons travel company, even recommends spending a little extra to hire a pro packer. “Since there are so many styles,” she notes, “a professional is really the best way to go”.
  3. Pack your jewelry and other accessories together, if possible, and carry these with you as well. A hatbox stowed inside a hard suitcase keeps your veil close to your headpiece and barrettes, jewelry, garter and stockings. Be sure to roll your veil to prevent wrinkles.
  4. Whether doing your own hair and makeup or working with experts, tote extra products for touch-up and humidity control. “Waterproof mascara is a must for all climates,” says Keane, who also recommends packing matching toenail polish to repair your pedicure after a day at the beach. To avoid leaks-and security searches- store your toiletries in clear plastic bags.
  5. Airline travel and climate changes can cause feet to swell, so stash an extra pair of dress shoes in your carry-on, just in case the heels you chose for your big day suddenly feel two sizes too small.
  6. Label your luggage inside and out with your phone number and the number and address of your destination. Don’t include your home address.
  7. Don’t forget the rings! And carry them with you at all times while traveling-along with your passports, credit cards, travel visas and photo IDs.

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