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All Blog New York Wedding Inspiration and Practicality

New York Wedding Inspiration and Practicality

  • Photo Courtesy New York Weddings
  • Photo Courtesy of Mastin Studio

Close your eyes and think about your ideal New York wedding.  What comes to mind?  Each person probably pictures something different when they think of New York and romance.  For some it’s the bustle of the city, skyline and the sounds and fast pace; others envision their New York wedding in a romantic park or swanky upscale elegant world-class hotel; while others are not quite sure what they want, they just know that it must be in New York.

No matter if you know exactly what your vision is, or even if you don’t, we have some tips here for consideration when choosing your New York wedding location as well as some great recommendations on our top New York wedding location choices.

1.  What is more important to you? The setting (location) or fitting your entire desired guest list?  The answer to this may help you determine location.  For example, if you wanted to get married on a New York landmark such as the Brooklyn Bridge, you cannot have hundreds of guests in attendance.  A carriage ride in Central Park and casual reception in a New York restaurant may be ideal for smaller guest counts while larger parks and hotels may offer the best choice for large guest counts.  And yes, you can get married in Central Park !  Not sure which wedding location is for you? Our New York wedding professionals can help guide you through the process for their unique New York wedding locations.

2. Consider the weather in New York.  Getting married in a great-grandmother’s wedding dress which may be heavier fabric and long sleeves may not be a great idea in the middle of a sweltering New York summer; while fall in New York can provide a colorful and romantic backdrop as can snow fall in winter. While conversely, a harsh winter can provide challenges for traveling guests. 

3.  Budget.  New York is one of the most expensive regions in the United States and the average wedding  is over double the national average.  It is best to have a spending plan and stick as closely as possible to it.

The most important piece of advice for getting married in New York is to rely on the wedding professionals who work and specialize in that area to guide you through the process, helping save you valuable time and money so you can focus on what is most important: enjoying your New York wedding.  (left photo courtesy of Mastin Studio)


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