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All Blog Requirements for Getting Married in Mexico

Requirements for Getting Married in Mexico

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Our south of the border friends in Mexico know how to do it right, providing the perfect locations for a perfect destination wedding.  Whether your guest list is long, or it’s just the two of you, there is plenty to do – or not to do – if you get married in Mexico.

Rumor has long had it that getting married in Mexico is a complicated, long process.  But if you know what is expected in advance, it doesn’t have to be.

It is recommended you take care of these legal requirements about one month prior to your wedding date.  Please also keep in mind that each state in Mexico has its own requirements, so you should verify what is needed in the particular state in which you will be getting married before so you are absolutely sure.  Looking for your ideal Mexico wedding location?  Click here for some of the world’s best.

We recommend getting all legal aspects of your wedding out of the way about a month before your wedding date.

 Congratulations and enjoy!

 Identification Requirements:

Non residents of Mexico will need to provide a Tourist Card/Visa and a valid passport (generally provided by the airline if you are flying).  If you arriving by car, you will have to pick up one personally in Mexico.  You also may be required (depending on the state) to provide a certified copy of your birth certificate that has been translated into Spanish and confirmed your own country.  Please remember that you should not bring originals, as these copies will be kept by Mexican authorities.


Only civil ceremonies are legal  in Mexico and must be performed at a local Civil Register Office (Oficina del Registro Civil).  If having a religious ceremony is important to you, you can do so at a later time.

Waiting Period in Mexico:

Plan extra time for getting your paperwork in order – there is a required waiting period of about 2-3 days (it varies from state to state).

Previous Marriages:

If you have been married before, it’s not a problem – but you have to wait one year before even applying for a marriage license in Mexico.  You will need a certified copy of your divorce decree and if you are  widow or widower, a copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse.


Certain tests must be done and are required:  A blood test for RPR, and HIV and Thorax (chest) X-rays are required in Mexico. It is recommended that these tests be done in Mexico two days prior to your wedding. Cost of the tests average $125 per person.


All witnesses need to be over the age of 18 and provide ID.  Some states require that your witnesses be from your home country.  Inquire before arriving.

Other Helpful Information:

Weddings are not performed on Sundays.

You must get permission from parents if either of you is under 18.

Fees in Mexico:

There will be a fee to get married in Mexico – check before you go.  It is estimated that is is approximately $200 (US) currently.  It will cost you approximately $200 (US Funds) to get maried.

Same Sex Marriages:

While it is not wide-spread yet, there are two areas (state of Coahuuila and Mexico City) allow “civil union laws” that give same-sex copules many of the same benefits as heterosexual marriage.

For more information, call the Mexican Tourism Board

Phone: 800-446-3942 or 212-755-7261

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