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All Blog Making The Wedding Ceremony Unique | Alternative Ceremony Seating Arrangement Styles

Making The Wedding Ceremony Unique | Alternative Ceremony Seating Arrangement Styles

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Every bride wants to make her wedding ceremony unique.  Most look at the style and words of the vows said, the music, programs or a fun and memorable recessional routine or dance back up the aisle.  These are all great ideas, but one of the most commonly-overlooked ways to make the wedding ceremony unique is in how the guests witness the vows from their seats. Alternative seating arrangement styles can offer a “wow” factor and often times allow guests to enjoy and hear the ceremony better than the traditional “pew style” seating.

In many cases, the logistics of the wedding ceremony location will determine how the guests are seated.  In some cases, there just isn’t a choice.  But for the wedding locations where there is a choice or one can be designed, it can make a visually-stunning impression on guests as well as unique way to be surrounded by guests for the wedding couple.

  • For a guest count of 15 persons and under where the vows are short, consider not having any seating at all.  Have everyone gather around to watch and/or have each person contribute something in the way of being a part of the ceremony ( a reading, a presentation of something, etc).
  • Consider alternating seating styles for traditional “pew” seated wedding ceremonies.  For example, alternate several matching chairs with a long bench with cushion to add diversity to the look of the ceremony area. Or try making it all alternative seating with long lounge-like furniture for guests.
  • Surround the bride and groom with a circle of seating.  This often means no one central aisle and perhaps 3 or 4 ‘aisles’ but the result is that the couple is surrounded by their guests and everyone can hear and see the couple.  It can also mean a creative and memorable processional for the bridal party to the altar.
  • Want something really unusual ?  Try a semi-circle path trailing from the altar, single layer, winding all the way out (this is better suited for smaller weddings so the outer-most part of the design can still hear the vows clearly)


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