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Standard Rate & Performance Options

Rate Sheet #14 (valid April 1, 2016)


REAL WEDDINGSunlimited10Elite Wedding Collection (Print Guide)

Benefits Diamond + Diamond
Digital Media
Image Gallery (10-15 images)
Video Production
Copy 150 max 100 max
Amenities Dashboard
Wedding Packages 4 2
Phone Number
Web Link
Email Leads
Results Positioning SHOWCASE FEATURE
WeddingLocation Co-op – 1/6 Page 4-color
Celebrations eBlast (consumer) 4 2
“As Seen In” Recognition
You Tube Video Integration
Pinterest “Dream Board” Integration”
Facebook – Include in Conversation (w/Link)
Google+ – Include in Conversation (w/Link)
Twitter Post (w/Link)
Tumblr Post (w/Link)
Instagram Inegration
Flickr Inegration
Academy of Special Event Professionals
Professional Development Webinar Series 1
Wedding Professional Certification 25% discount 10% discount


Fee Options Diamond + Diamond
Annual 12-Month Fixed Fee $1,600 net $895 net

* is sold as a 12 month program
**Elite Wedding Collection: Next edition on sale August – December 2016