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Inspired by Castle Weddings

A castle wedding still evokes feelings of magic, fairytale romance and are symbolic of sturdy love , withstanding the test of time.  Some of the best locations for a castle wedding include England, Ireland and Scotland. These countries boast so much history and include castles that are mere ruins (a very dramatic backdrop) or castles and manor houses that provide picturesque sweeping views as well as catering and accommodations for guests.

Here are some tips for consideration on a castle wedding:

Decide on the country of your choice – this will largely determine your pricing, travel schedule and marriage requirements.

Will you elope with just the two of you or will you invite guests?  If the latter, be prepared to give guests ample notice to plan, save and book their airfare and accommodations.

Choose the style castle you want – do you want ruins or a fully functioning castle ?

Check the hours of the castle and when events can start and stop

Hire only vendors (event supply partners) who have worked that venue before and know all its quirks well

Find out what is included in the site fee- and ammenities on site ! For example, is there electricity where it is needed?  Ample restrooms for your sized guest count? Do you need special permits to hold an event there?  How much parking can it accommodate?  Do you need a valet?

Book plenty in advance – at least a year and a half.  Not only do the castles book quickly, but your guests will need time to plan.

Respect the castle- leave it as you found it.

Check with your airline on its policies for carrying wedding dresses.  Most airlines do not allow it and you will need to ship your dress in advance.  Don’t forget to insure it.

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