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All Blog Getting Married in the Cook Islands | Being The Star of the Islands

Getting Married in the Cook Islands | Being The Star of the Islands

  • Photo Courtesy of Cook Island Tourism Board
  • Photo Courtesy of Cook Island Tourism Board

The dream of getting married in the Cook Islands is more than just white sandy beaches in front of deep blue lagoons, waterfalls softly falling and more;  when you have a Cook Island wedding you can look forward to being the absolute star of the islands.  Here’s why:  because it is so out of the ordinary (and out of the way), the wedding professionals and service providers in the Cook Islands will make you feel like your wedding is the only event on the islands.  While tourism is alive and well here, it somehow takes a more relaxed feel and approach, making everyone feel that their visit (and event) is perhaps one of the only ones to take place.  The mixed blend of cultures and religions offer the destination wedding couple a wide array of choices for their Cook Islands Wedding , making it highly unique. 

 Whether you are eloping or inviting guests, there is romantic adventure for all.  Rarotonga, the most popular city in the Cook Islands is known for its “finger beaches” with incredible crystal clear water and gorgeous sand.  While many couples make the Cook Islands a popular weddingmoon destination and simply stay on in Rarotonga for their honeymoon, the island of Aitutaki is well-known for its world class lagoons which are ideal for snorkeling, picnicking and just relaxing.

 Décor for Cook Island weddings is mainly simple as most couples choose to use one of the already-existing dramatic backdrops provided by Mother Nature.  Instead of elaborate décor, most wedding couples love to take advantage of the local blend of cultures and use it in entertainment and food for their guests.  From Polynesian dancers and fire under the stars to a buffet that  includes Western and local cuisine such as seafood and tropical fruits.


Weddings in the Cook Islands are simple to do and legally binding.  What do you need to do to get married ?   Couples must be at least 21 year old and must be there a full 3 days before the ceremony in order to get their marriage license.  They will each need valid current government-issued passports and birth certificates.  If either party has been divorced or widowed, divorce and death certificates are also required.  The marriage license must be applied for in person in the Cook Islands.  A professional coordinator based there can be of tremendous assistance in helping coordinate the details and help ensure that your unique destination wedding is seamless and truly makes you feel like the star you are and deserve to be.

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