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Getting Married in Hawaii | Ideal WeddingMoons

  • Photo Courtesy of The Royal Lahaina, Maui

The majority of couples getting married in Hawaii are combining their wedding with their honeymoon, thereby making their destination wedding a “wedding moon”.  Hawaiian weddingmoons may very well be the ideal romantic wedding destination for American couples.  Firstly, it is domestic, so Passports are not necessary  and most domestic flights to Hawaii can be done in 6 hours (West Coast) and about 12 hours (from East Coast) making a Hawaiian wedding incredibly convenient.  Secondly, Hawaii specializes in romance.  Just its very nature and backdrop commands love.  It’s no wonder that “Aloha” means “love” and is used interchangeably as “hello” and “goodbye”.  The Hawaiian spirit embraces every single visitor to its islands and the history and culture are rich. 

Hawaiian wedding locations are plentiful and specialize in the destination wedding.  These wedding professionals know that couples are coming from all over and that planning a wedding from a distance is no easy task.  Through their complete knowledge of their location, your budget and all the best vendors in the area, they help couples navigate the waters of planning a Hawaiian wedding that will create memories for a lifetime with virtually no stress in the planning process. In fact, because Hawaii specializes in weddings and romance, most Hawaiian wedding locations have dedicated wedding and honeymoon packages for almost any guest size and spending plan.  They make it incredibly relaxed and convenient for today’s busy working couples. 

Whether your guest count is 2 or 200, most Hawaiian weddingmoons average about 20 guests.  The bride and groom have decided to make sharing their nuptials one part of  many of a longer visit that involves entertaining their guests.  And when it comes to entertainment and adventure, Hawaii shines.  Guests can take advantage of fun activities from golfing, helicopter tours, kayaking, snorkeling, surf lessons, hiking, horseback riding to enjoying a leisurely day at the spa.  Night time luaus with fire , traditional Hawaiian feasting and dancing natives (often involving the guests) continue the celebrating late into the night and provide a memorable experience for all.

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