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All Europe Greece Getting Married in Greece | How to Make a Greek Wedding Legal

Getting Married in Greece | How to Make a Greek Wedding Legal

greek weddingGetting married in Greece can mean a wedding to remember for a lifetime.  From a history and culture that is deeply rooted in tradition to the picture perfect backdrops available,  to the romance of mythology , Greece is exotic and gorgeous.   That said, getting married abroad- no matter how simple- can often mean a lot of bureaucracy , paperwork, waiting time and above all: potential for something  to not go according to plan.  Here are some suggestions on how to make a Greek wedding legal and simplify the process so you can really enjoy it.

1.      Hire an established wedding planner who specializes in getting married in Greece and all the details about how to make a Greek wedding legal.

2.       Consider getting married at home first to make it legal and then doing a symbolic Greek wedding. This will guarantee no glitches or the possibility of not really being married if one tiny thing was overlooked abroad.  It also allows more flexibility with more style options and allows the couple to really enjoy the day and not be too caught up in the stress of all the legal bureaucracy beforehand.

The most in-demand Greek wedding locations include the Greek islands and for obvious reasons.  They are intimate, romantic , surrounded by cobalt blue seas, steeped in mythology and guests can enjoy making a vacation out of this exotic Greek weddingmoon locale as well.

Greek wedding locations include everything from city halls, parks, hotels, churches (although Greek Orthodox Churches only allow two members of the same faith to marry in them) and more.   

If getting legally married in Greece is important to you and you do not wish to make it legal prior to leaving the United States, here are the top legal requirements necessary.  Do check with the government prior to proceeding with this for any updates.

1.  One photocopy of each passport

2. One photocopy of each witnesses’ passport, if providing two of your own

3. A printed birth certificate for each applicant, certified in the past five (5) years with an apostille

4. A copy of divorce decrees (if any) certified in the past five (5) years with one apostille per document

5. A copy of death certificates of previous spouses (if any), certified in the past five (5) years with one apostille per document

6. Certified copy of a court order name change (if applicable)

7. Certified affidavit stating you are single and free to marry without impediment, signed within three (3) months of the wedding date

For Americans: a) Citizens can go to the U.S. Embassy in Athens’ Notarial Unit located in U.S. Citizen Services between 9:00am-2:00pm, no appointment needed, with passport, $50 cash or the equivalent in euros for each Affidavit, which will be given at the window and completed in Greek on one side and English on the other. If you do not understand or write Greek, an embassy official can assist you. The Affidavit will be examined and approved while you wait; OR b) secure a “single” status letter from your State Registrar AND a notary of public statement certified that you are free to marry. (You must inquire at your local State Registrar for guidance, and I have not provided examples because they are different in each U.S. state). Credit link:

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