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Unusual Villa & Island Rentals
409 F North Hamilton Street Richmond, VA

Our extensive website has had over 2,700,000 unique visitors looking for villa rental in the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, and Hawaii or Worldwide. Our website has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, USA Today, LA Times, The Washington Post and other international publications.

Unusual Villas and Island Rentals has the largest website dedicated to rental villas and private island rentals. There may be larger vacation rental websites, but their pages are full of apartments and condos. Unusual Villas has only a few condos on the whole website and no apartments, because we are dedicated to luxury vacation rentals! Don’t rent a villa anywhere in the world until you have consulted with Unusual Villas and Island Rentals first!

When making reservations references are available!

Instead of staying at a hotel, villa life affords you the privacy of your own home and all amenities of owning your own international property except for the fact that you don’t have the expenses and the upkeep. Unusual Villas also offers for private villa rentals for honeymoons, movie locations, TV commercial locations, calendar shoots, photography locations, company outings, board meetings, sales seminars, and a host of other scenarios. So whether it be Christmas, President’s Day, Easter vacation, Memorial Day vacation, Labor Day vacation, Thanksgiving, Millennium vacation, or any other reason for a vacation, call Unusual Villas and Island Rentals.

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