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All Wedding location Rendezvous

Malabar Beach, PO Box 190 St. Lucia,

Welcome to the new Rendezvous…

For over thirty years Rendezvous has provided a personalized holiday experience for the more discerning couple and this boutique resort is the most intimate and elegant all-inclusive hotel for couples in the Caribbean.

But we cannot rest on our laurels and so we are now very pleased to unveil the new Rendezvous, fresh from a US $15m dollar refurbishment project.

Having already spent millions of dollars renovating the bedrooms, we have dramatically changed the rest of the resort. From the new entrance and reception areas to the seaside terrace, from the refurbished buffet restaurant to The Spa in The Water Garden, the Rendezvous experience is simply outstanding.

Guests will be able to indulge themselves in beauty and relaxation treatments, enjoy the fabulous and exotic food and then burn off those calories in our state of the art gym. For those about to tie the knot, our wedding planning consultants can take away all the stresses of the big day in our new wedding centre where every last detail of your wedding will be planned.

Rendezvous – the best destination for 2010.
When we contracted Rendezvous with Tour Operators worldwide we did so at a 4* rating and at a 4* price. Rendezvous is now looking 5* but the 4* prices remain in place until 2011. Combine that with the Grand Reopening Specials and Rendezvous becomes the hottest ticket in town. This winter you know where to come; Rendezvous – The Boutique Hotel for Couples.

This is the New Rendezvous!

Brand new rooms in The Spa in The Water Garden, are presented in a traditional West Indian colonial building while therapists deliver world-class treatments perfected at the renowned Oasis – the Centre of Wellbeing at The BodyHoliday. The Terrace Buffet now offers a whole new experience. Already known for the quality of the food, Rendezvous’ guests will enjoy an even wider range of international cuisine during their holiday. Fancy dinner under the stars and overlooking the stunning Caribbean Sea? It’s at the Boardwalk!

The new Entrance and Reception areas mean that booking and checking out will be easier than ever. When our guests sadly come to leave us, we have set aside a departure lounge where they can relax, freshen up and prepare for their journey home.

The Spa in The Water Garden offers a beautiful private rockery- garden pool. River-side beds with water-waiter service have added a wonderful element of romance for your clients. Seclusion and privacy have always been important for our guests – these additions just make it that much easier!

Our new wedding planning facility, has taken our wedding planning to a new level. Fitted with all the comforts a bride and groom might desire, this is designed to make their pre-wedding organization and logistics completely stress-free. This will be coupled with new facilities on The Rendezvous website that will allow them to customize their wedding details prior to arrival, giving your guests more time to spend together on the beach with nothing to worry about.

Now more than ever, we can proudly tell our guests that they can rediscover life’s pleasures together at Rendezvous.

“Rendezvous – The Boutique Hotel for Couples.”

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