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All Wedding location Rainbow Lake Resort

Rainbow Lake Resort
RRI Box 233 Brevard, NC

Rainbow Lake Resort has many features that will make any wedding memorable. Our ceremony island in the middle of the lake is approached by an arched footbridge. The centerpiece of the island is a 14ft elevated gazebo with a small raised dais at the entrance where the bride and groom can take their vows. There is also a runner carpet that runs up the aisle to the gazebo, and a large shade tent is erected to keep the attendees cool during summertime ceremonies.

The ceremony can proceed in many ways. Many times the bride descends the steps of the wedding cottage (Cottage K) followed by the bridesmaids. The bride, her father and a flower girl can then board the SS Cleopatra, our solar powered wedding swan boat, and quietly glide over to the wedding island amidst floating flower petals. The bride is then escorted on to the dock behind the gazebo. At the same time, the bridesmaids gracefully promenade to the wedding island bridge and await their signal. The bride then comes forward on the gazebo and the bridesmaids then cross the bridge and parade up the aisle. Next the groom paddles or is paddled over to the island where he lands and then comes forward to appear on the gazebo as well. After the ceremony the bride and groom board the swan boat and proceed “off into the distance”. At the far end of the lake there is a dock where they can land and spend a few moments together in private at the gazebo by the falls before they return to the awaiting crowd.

There are many picturesque spots on the lake where group shots can be taken. We have also constructed an underwater invisible platform where the bride and groom can be photographed and appear to be floating on water. The wedding ceremony can take place in several other locations besides the gazebo if the wedding party so chooses.

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