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Kuta PoLeng Complex Block C/3, Kuta, Bali

Nihiwatu is a small and exclusive hideaway resort on Sumba Island for those who seek excitement with absolute privacy. Couples, singles and small groups have a wide range of activities to choose from in a pristine and peaceful setting. As a marlin fishing, diving or surf travel destination, Nihiwatu is sensational. The tribal culture, with its ancient rituals, has been internationally documented. It is all here in this one very special place. Whether you are looking for adventure, scenic nature at its best or just want to relax and truly get away to another world, Nihiwatu is the place to be.

Nihiwatu, where less is more than enough.

Immerse yourself in splendid isolation in the most unspoiled region of the Indonesian Archipelago. The Nihiwatu property is 438 acres of dense tropical forest, rice terraces and grasslands, wrapped around the two and half kilometer long Nihiwatu beach. This world-class beach is protected on both ends by cliffs and headlands ensuring total exclusivity for our guests.

Tucked amongst the trees of this remote island are just six luxury bungalows and two villas that offer complete solitude and comfort, together with everything one needs in an idyllic tropical setting. At Nihiwatu your sanctuary is superbly outfitted in contemporary Indonesian style using local materials, traditional art and thatched roofs, with air-conditioning and large sliding glass doors. The bungalows and villas, hand-built by Indonesian craftsman, have balcony vistas stretching the full length of the beach, the sea and the headlands beyond. Nearby there are open living and dining rooms, a cliff-top bar and a communications center for those who need to stay in touch with the outside world. We also have massage and body treatments available at our Jungle Spa to rejuvenate the body and soul.

At Nihiwatu we take pride in providing memorable dining and personalized service, and ensuring that every guest’s wishes are fulfilled.

At Nihiwatu you can do as much or as little as you like. For those of you with an unbridled sense of energy we offer a wide range of land and sea based activities for you to choose from. Our guides can take you to spectacular areas that are so remote that they can only be accessed by trekking or by boat. There are beautiful waterfalls, fabulous beaches and incredible Stone Age villages you can visit. Although some of the activities are rather strenuous you can also choose to do nothing except hang out in a hammock on the beach, relax by the swimming pool or take leisurely walks on the beach and explore the reefs at low tide. It’s all up to you!

“After 5 wonderful trips to Sumba, this stay will go down as one of the best! Great company, yoga, beach walks and all of the activities, the waterfall, what a freshwater treat, many thanks for your vision.”
– Guest Comment

The development of a perfect tropical escape was the vision of Claude and Petra Graves who searched throughout the Philippine and Indonesian Islands to find the right location for a remote activity-orientated resort. After spending two years living on the beach in a simple hut, and immersing themselves in the unique tribal culture of the Sumbanese, they decided to share this magical place with the rest of the world. It took another nine years to consolidate the land and build the infrastructure needed to access and enhance the natural beauty of Nihiwatu with man-made luxuries, where guests could escape the pressures of Western society. The Island of Sumba is 400 kilometers east of Bali and lies directly south of Komodo and Flores Islands. Nihiwatu is located on a beautiful secluded bay on the remote southwestern coast of the island. The resort property is 438 acres of tropical forest and rice terraces, surrounding one of the world’ s best beaches. Access is via direct flights from Bali with vehicle transfer to the resort. The overall journey takes approximately four to five hours.

You will need a passport valid for at least six months to visit Indonesia. For most countries visas are not required. You may be asked to produce an onward flight ticket out of the country when checking in through Indonesian Immigration.

At Nihiwatu the service is as special as the environment in which it is offered.

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