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Motor Yacht Mauretania
Office: 210 Whalers Walk Marina del Rey, CA

A great classic, Mauretania is a combination of traditional design and engineering that yields a beamy, roomy yacht that ensures comfort at sea. Mauretania is a show stopper wherever she goes. “She must be seen to be believed.”

The MotorYacht Mauretania was constructed in 1947 with the finest material and workmanship- and is being maintained in the style envisioned at her original launching. Classic yachting harkening back to an era of the Great Gatsby- luxurious surroundings and exquisite service are the characteristics of this fine yacht.

It has been said that if John Trumpy had built automobiles instead of fine yachts, the Rolls Royce would have been the second best car in the world. Presidential yachts have been Trumpys, Joseph Kennedy’s yacht was a Trumpy, and Mauretania is a Trumpy. Let Mauretania charm your guests with her rich appointments� sterling silver sconces, butler call buttons, teak and mahogany hand rails, owner absent and meal signals, and a hidden safe for your jewels. The MotorYacht Mauretania is easy to handle, has good range and is extremely comfortable to be aboard.

The reliable operating history of Mauretania is a tribute to the care she receives and the quality of her extensive on-board equipment.

Mauretania’s quality of construction throughout ensure her passengers are comfortable while they enjoy their private staterooms, baths, deck lounges, and gourmet kitchen.

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