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Lighthouse Point
The Straits of Mackinac, MI

Want your wedding and reception to be different, fabulous and fun?

The unique setting of Lighthoue Point is Charming, Enchanting and Captivating. There is no other place like it! Located on 18 beautiful waterfront acres, it has its own 165-ft. Pier with over 1000 ft. of scenic Lake Michigan shoreline. There are spectacular sunrises and sunsets, incredible views of the Mackinac Bridge, St. Helena Lighthouse, passing Great Lakes freighters and Lake Michigan.

The natural ambiance of the spacious grounds will allow the bride and groom the opportunity to spend quality time with family, friends and guests. This will add to everyone’s enjoyment and will make your wedding and reception grand and memorable. When the two of you, the bride and groom, combine the beauty of the property with your imagination and personal touch, Lighthouse Point becomes a place that the two of you have created for your Wedding Celebration. Lighthouse Point can be as exquisite or as casual as you desire. At Lighthouse Point, we only do one wedding and reception a weekend. Your wedding is a private party for your friends, family and guests at Lighthouse Point. Your celebration can take place over a few days, so you can have time to enjoy every minute of it, not just a few hours like most places.

Whether your wedding and reception is going to be with a few close friends and family members or a large celebration with hundreds of guests, Lighthouse Point can accommodate either. This is one of the best parts; the bridal party or the family of the bride and groom can stay at Lighthouse Point in one of our 10 rooms in 4 houses nestled within the pine trees and cedar forest that surround the property. Imagine the fun everyone will have being together, celebrating as long and as late as you want! Whether you seek solitude or the enchantment of an endless seascape, the ingredients of an unforgettable wedding are here, complete with a pier belonging just to you and your selected guests. After celebrating your spectacular day, your guests will return home feeling as if they had been on a delightful vacation. Plus, Margaret and I have a special wedding gift for the two of you. One night FREE at Lighthouse Point every year forever. You will always be able to return to where it all began for the two of you.

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