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Hotel Du Palais
1 Avenue de l'Imperatrice Biarritz,

Cradled for over a century by ocean waves paying court to its golden beauty, le Palais is the embodiment and fulfillment of a long-ago promise, an invitation to taste the sweetness and harmony of this land, where the gentle caress of Time gives way to a full appreciation of the magic of the moment.

The soul of the Palais is best revealed in its rooms and apartments, where vast spaces bear witness to the banquets of a bygone era. The carefully selected artwork and graceful intimacy create a pleasant, luxurious atmosphere of absolute serenity. The Hotel du Palais radiates charm. It is a hotel rich in memories, style and history.

Memories of an illustrious romance are traced in every grove and arbour, in every molding, in the very paneling of the great salons. They perpetuate the presence of Eugenie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III, who on a summer’s day in 1855 chose a sandy hillside overlooking the sea not far from the Phare plateau as the site of the Imperial residence, the “Villa Euge’nie”. The moment you open your eyes, you are greeted by the azure rays of dawn. Sol, morning’s chamberlain, lazily weaves the exquisite pattern of morning light. Fresh fruits and sumptuous brioches await you at your door to whet your appetite and awaken your taste buds.

The sunlit beaches and a scawater pool are enhanced by a fitness center nestled in the shade of the cabanas, in the shape of frothy plumes of sea foam, and with the refreshing coolness of a cocktail. Time slips by, gently, gracefully; the world is bathed in sunlight, renewing your soul with the promise of joys and delights to come.

Like a star-sprinkled veil, the Palace sparkles with a thousand and one crystalline lights. Irresistible aromas and flavors beckon you, whisking your spirits from the “Villa Euge’nie”, passing the “Hippocampe” at poolside, down to the festive banquets in the “Rotonde”. The style is synonymous with an epoch, the Second Empire, which was to establish the reputation of Biarritz as “the Queen of Resorts and the Resort of Kings”. Today more than ever, it is this style, neither passe nor pompous but profoundly elegant, that makes the hotel such a jewel in a seaside resort smiled upon by fortune and fashion.

Its history, like all romantic histories, has its frivolous, worldly and ephemeral aspects, as well as moments of drama. The Hotel du Palais provided the perfect rendezvous for luxury and poetry, becoming as showcase for 19th century Biarritz. The story is illustrated in images, in old prints and photographs… a fairy tale without end.


In March 2005 the Hotel du Palais has launched its top floor “Penthouse” which has been totally renovated and gives the feel of a luxury liner. The port-holes with tremendous ocean views and the gangways finished in fine wood will create the impression among its passengers of being afloat but without feeling sea-sick!

SPA IMPERIAL with GUERLAIN has opened in July 2006: fitness center, indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna, beauty farm and Hair Care Institute LEONOR GREYL.

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