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All Wedding location Calvert Inn A Gourmet Bed & Breakfast

Calvert Inn A Gourmet Bed & Breakfast
406 East Texas Street Calvert, TX

Happy Endings Begin Here…
Whether you prefer a small, intimate wedding or a large gala, the Calvert Inn is the perfect location. We specialize in custom weddings, where your wishes and desires are listened to and implemented into your special day. We, at the Calvert Inn, always strive to make each function compliment the situation.

Your wedding day is probably the most thought about event since your falling in love and becoming engaged to your sweetheart. The wedding day, the day when absolutely everything needs to run like a top. While we, at the Calvert Inn, can’t guarantee your 2 yr. old flower girl won’t run crying into her mothers arms (your matron of honor), we will make sure everything we are entrusted with will be as smooth as white bridal satin. We can offer you the grand fairy tale garden wedding that you have dreamed about since you were a little girl. Perhaps the kind in the movie Steel Magnolia. Our wonderful Victorian gazebo, made for weddings, reminds you of a lacy white wedding cake.

Imagine you and your family arriving Friday afternoon for a Saturday wedding in the beautiful Brazos Valley. There will be laughter and much merry making enjoying each other’s company. Your groom and his family will arrive two blocks down the street at another fine bed & breakfast, settling in for the festivities. You will all meet at the Calvert Inn, getting to know each other’s families a little better. Then it is time for the rehearsal and dinner. Finally when you separate one last time to dream of what many tomorrows may bring with your new life together. Enjoy a relaxing soak in an old tub with our custom soaps and bath tea bag. A good nights sleep on our designer linens, you will awake to your wedding day with the smell of breakfast cooking and the sun shining. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

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