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All Blog Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Packing Tips

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Packing Tips

Destination Wedding | Packing Tips

Whether your destination wedding has turned into a weddingmoon or you are going on your honeymoon to the Caribbean , Europe or India, there are some top    packing tips to help you shed the baggage, keep things simple and  focus on what really matters:  a good time and each other.  Here are three simple tips to “pack” a punch (instead of “packing” clutter)  in maximizing memories of a lifetime:

Travel Light Use a carry-on whenever possible and don’t check your luggage.  Check on your airline’s policies but travelling with a carry-on could also save you from hefty baggage fees.  With our last two packing tips below, a carry-on should be all you need. Remember that carry-on liquids/gels have to be no more than 3oz each, in clear plastic bottles and sealed in a ziploc bag.  And it’s no more than 1 bag per passenger.  Deciding to use soaps and shampoos that the hotel at your destination provides can eliminate the necessity to pack many toiletries.

Do a Trial Packing Run one week in advance of your trip.  Lay out everything to see how it is going to fit so you can make adjustments.

Pack Light.  What’s the secret of celebrities who are on the go?  They don’t travel with trunks and trunks of clothes and shoes.  They edit.  They know their style well enough, they pare down.  Experts say to choose no more than 4 outfits that can mix and match and go from casual to dressy and then focus on accessorizing.  The accessorizing can make one outfit look entirely different.  Choose clothing that can be hand-washed in a hotel sink if necessary and if you are going away for 30 days, you don’t need 30 days worth of underwear.  Pack 15 and plan to do a light laundry in your bathroom sink on day 14 or 15 and line dry your items.  Every bit of space is crucial and you will rarely use everything you think you will.

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