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All Blog Destination Wedding Attire | What to Wear to a “Casual” Wedding

Destination Wedding Attire | What to Wear to a “Casual” Wedding

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The topic of destination wedding attire and what to wear to a casual wedding  comes up frequently.  And while we may have a general working knowledge of the majority of the answers to this question, there is one particular nuance that always can have us scratching our heads and that is the “casual wedding” and what to wear.

With more and more DIY weddings and brides on highly stringent budgets the “casual wedding” has become more prevalent than ever.  In normal life, “casual” generally means “anything goes.”  However, when two people have decided to make such an important decision as getting married and have invited you to bear witness to it, “casual” must also meet “reverence” in its style.  That is, “casual” needs to pack a bit of a punch when it comes to weddings.



Nice (pressed) slacks and nice (pressed) long sleeve button down shirt.  For daytime casual weddings and the gentleman who likes to wear a suit,a lightweight suit in linen or seersucker are fine (in evening, the suit should be darker).  Open collar on shirts is fine – even with a suit. Ties are not recommended for daytime casual or even evening casual weddings, but if one must, a tie is suitable for an evening casual wedding, but it is definitely more dressy and borderline falls out of the “casual”camp.


Shorter, flirtatious skirts or shorter dresses with bright bold colors are perfect for daytime casual weddings.  Shorter length dresses and skirts are fine for evening weddings but should be darker in color (for example navy or black) and don’t forget the shoes, ladies, which can really pack a punch!  Flats are recommended for outdoor weddings (and you don’t have to be boring – there is bling for shoes these days, too) and heels are ok for indoor locations.  Peep-toe and sling back shoes are always lovely for spring and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Special Touches

Panache is something we don’t see too much of in today’s culture and especially at “casual” affairs.  Take your cue from the Europeans.  They dress subtly but then choose one accessory to add that special something to their outfit. Generally, this special something is subtle but catches the eye and doesn’t overpower the overall outfit.  You are going to a wedding, so even if it’s casual, you are celebrating the couple and their day and by adding a little panache, you are showing your reverence for them and their day.

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