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All Blog Designing a Fabulous Flower Arrangement

Designing a Fabulous Flower Arrangement

Picture yourself in a garden, what type of flower are you surrounded by? The five most popular wedding day flowers are roses, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, and peonies. The most important thing when creating your wedding bouquet is to be able to carry it! Brides tend to have a floral overload without realizing that the added flowers can make the bouquet droopy and no one wants that. Another thing to keep in mind is the scent of the flowers you are choosing. Although you may love the smell of a particular flower such as a gardenia, imagine having hundreds surrounding you, the strong scent may become overwhelming. The last thing to consider is the durability of the flower you choose. This may seem like an odd quality to be aware of, but if you are getting married in the heat you do you not want wilted flowers decorating your ceremony.

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