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Country Club Weddings

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Country club weddings have an exclusive air about them and can often provide all of the luxury of upscale resorts and a stellar service level to go with it.  It is a myth that all country clubs require you to be a member to host a wedding at their location.  Many offer non-members the privilege of a country club wedding experience as well.

Many non-member country club weddings are also afforded some of the privileges of membership for a temporary amount of time, allowing them to “try out” country club membership in the months preceding the wedding.  As with all locations, and triply so with country club weddings – whether you are a member or not- you will want to find out answers to some of the most important items before booking your country club wedding.  Here are our top  questions:

What are the areas you can go to for picture-taking?  Many have very strict policy about not accessing certain areas (i.e. parts of a golf course) during certain times.

Is your wedding entirely private, is the area open to others?

What equipment do they currently have on site that you can use?  What color linen choices do they have? Do you have to rent linens or equipment to supplement their own?

Do they have a list of Preferred Vendors?  Is it required you use their list or can you bring in your own?

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