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All Blog Combatting Jet Lag for Wedding Day Glow

Combatting Jet Lag for Wedding Day Glow

So you’ve chosen your ideal destination wedding location.  No matter where it is, if it involves a flight or two, you may be traveling across time zones and having to combat what all travelers know too well:  jet lag.  As a bride wanting to look her best, a destination wedding can be romantic but can wreak havoc on your skin as dried out, pressurized cabins suck the moisture right out and lack of activity doesn’t allow proper blood circulation to keep skin looking plumped up and full of life.  So what’s a girl to do?  Here are our top tips for helping to “cope” with (or help minimize) jet lag and stay on top of your wedding day beauty regime in the meantime.

1.  Take care of yourself before you fly.  Excercise and hydrate with lots of water.  Avoid Caffeine.  Try ever so gradually to set your schedule to the time zone of the location to which you will be flying.

2.  Take care of yourself in flight.  Do not wear foundation or lipstick when you fly – it dries out your skin.  Bring moisturizer and apply frequently. If you have oily skin, it may go into overdrive to over-compensate for the dryness in the cabin. Use oil-blotting strips made to help keep oily skin in control while in flight.  Keep lips kissing-soft with a lip balm.  Drink lots of water.  Avoid alcohol and caffeine.   Don’t allow the air vent to blow on you for long periods of time while flying and don’t continually touch your face.  Hands carry bacteria and you don’t want to encourage last minute break-outs before your big day.  Get up and move around to keep limbs from getting stiff and to keep blood circulating.

3.  Take care of yourself when you arrive.  Do not go to sleep until it’s bedtime in the local timezone you are in.  If possible, find the sun and put yourself in it.  Research has shown that putting your face and body in the sunshine for about 10-15 minutes helps to reset your body clock more quickly and naturally.  Finally, make sure you don’t schedule to much to do when you first arrive.  Give yourself some time to rest, sleep and adjust.  There is nothing more beautifying than proper sleep.

Happy Wedding Day Beauty.

Here’s to glowing!

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