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All Blog Color Scheme Weddings: (RED & WHITE) For Valentine’s Day, the Holidays or Any Day!

Color Scheme Weddings: (RED & WHITE) For Valentine’s Day, the Holidays or Any Day!

Our Weddinglocation and Simply Bridal Dress Winner Sasha (last Blog) wanted a red and white themed wedding so that got us to take a look at various links and pictures of Red and White Weddings. We found information on what color says about your personality & how to use your favorite color imaginatively. There are a lot of blogs and sites that can help you plan your color schemed wedding and here are just a few of our favorites.

We start with this red and white dazzler held at the Now Larimar Punta Cana.

Great chair backs and red chandeliers a beautiful way to bring in the accent color and a theme element!

Plus, Simply Bridal,, supplied the following suggestions for a red themed Bridal Gown or bridesmaid dresses.

Actually, many of our dresses are available in numerous colors, including red. We listed a few below:

Some of our clients also complement their dress with one of our jewel-toned shawls; perfect for the holidays!

Yet another site on Wedding Color Schemes is Wedding Plaza. They had this to say on Red and White.

White and Red:

This color scheme is quite common among winter weddings. It implies that the bride and the groom are persons who are not afraid of trying new things and who are very fond of elegance and sophistication. Even though an entirely red dress might be too much for you, introducing some red elements such as bows or shoes will make the event very fashionable. Pink also goes well with white, but it is mainly destined to spring or summer weddings.

Check out Wedding By Color a great wedding color scheme resource. Below is a link to a red and white board with great ways to tie together red and white with a very fresh and contemporary vibe.

For a more formal interpretation of Red and White add a dash of black.

More on Red and White:

What Your Wedding Color Says About Your Personality

Bridal Guide had the following in their blog and we loved this and turned us on to

Have you discovered yet? It’s the ultimate visual search tool for weddings—we’re hooked. Unlike Google Images, photos are hand-selected and only the most gorgeous make the cut, so you’re not stuck scrolling through 15 pages of so-so results. Each image also gives credit to the vendor who created it, making it much easier to actually buy that wedding program or flower girl dress you found online.

We’re happy to announce that we’re an official partner, so now you can search and save all of your favoriteBG images. Organize them into groups called “bundles,” which unlike Pinterest, you have the option of making private (take that, wedding snoops!). To celebrate and help you get started, check out some of our color bundles below.

1. Red Wedding Ideas:

If you love red: You operate by the M.O. that bold is always better. Passionate, fiercely loyal, impulsive, and a natural-born leader, odds are that your wedding will be luxe and dramatic (in the best possible way).
Search more red wedding ideas from here.

Have a fun, imaginative time using your favorite wedding color scheme and please send us any of your inspiration shots or pictures from your ceremony.

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