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Choosing the Right Island for You

Getting married in Hawaii.  Perhaps one of the ultimate destination wedding inspirations, a Hawaii wedding offers some of the best features of a destination wedding:  besides sandy beaches, clear waters and swaying palm trees, a wedding in Hawaii allows you to travel without a passport and yet feel you are in a different country altogether as well as provides a relaxing vacation and cultural experience all in one.  There is so much history and culture.  But perhaps the one thing that defines Hawaii is its Aloha Spirit.  Natives are raised with it and transplants quickly begin to adopt the Aloha spirit after just a short time of being there.  You can’t  help but feel embraced by the friendly and helpful culture in Hawaii – even gas station attendants are eager to be friendly and helpful.  If they are this friendly, imagine the professionals who are officially “hospitality ambassadors” – that is, those who work with the tourism industry and triply so those who produce weddings in Hawaii.  A Hawaiian wedding is unlike any other because it’s about the Aloha spirit surrounding the event and not just the beautiful scenery.

There are five popular islands in Hawaii – so how do you know which one is for you?  There is Oahu, Maui, Kauai, the Big Island (Hawaii) and Lana’i.  Each offer incredible Hawaiian wedding locations, beachside resorts, private estates and even some adventure.

Oahu has an international airport and many flights use this as the gateway to the other islands.  Oahu has more of a city felel to it and a variety of activities and dining options.  There are resorts that are more in the “hub” of the city and there are some resorts that offer a more secluded feel within a short drive of the airport.

Kauai:  one of the most popular honeymoon spots, Kauai is also known as the “Garden Island” and it lives up to the quintessential expectation of Hawaii: lush greenery, waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, the world-famous Napali Coast and so much more.  It is more of a quiet island and is Hawaii’s rainiest island, but offers a wide variety of activities from canoeing up tranquil rivers, ziplining, snorkeling and of course world-famous beaches just for relaxing.

Maui is known for the road to Hana, black –lava coast, incredible beaches and sunsets.

Lanai is not as populated because it is underdeveloped, making it a dream Hawaiian wedding getaway spot for many. From golf to four wheel adventures, there are two main resorts that occupy this island.  It is isolated and the feeling is very quiet, which make it ideal for many wanting a quiet wedding or honeymoon.

The Big Island of HawaiiThe biggest island and the most diverse terrain –wise, you have one part of the island that looks like the moon with giant black lava rock and black sand with an arid climate, another with active volcanoes, pouring hot lava to the other side of the island that is lush and green (by Hilo).  There are many resorts on the Big Island and sunsets here overlooking the black lava rock are especially dramatic.

Once you have chosen your preferred island for your wedding, you need to choose a location. Since you will be traveling and so will your guests, think convenience.  Convenience to/from airports and convenience for you as an engaged couple regarding all the wedding details that will need to be tended to.  Choosing an all inclusive package can save you time and money and all you have to do is show up in many cases.  Considering cost and privacy are other major considerations: what is your budget and how private will your ceremony be?  That is, is it held in a private area or a public area where people can walk through?  Ask your wedding professional so you know what to expect. While it’s always a good idea to make a personal visit to your chosen site ahead of time, most find that when they are in the hands of a seasoned wedding professional for a Hawaiian wedding, they can do their planning online, via Skype and then perhaps come out several days to a week prior to the wedding just to finalize the final details.

If you choose a Hawaiian Wedding, congratulations and much Aloha!


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