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All Blog Is Cabo Ready After Hurricane Odile? Wedding Expert Beverly Clark Tours Mexico’s Top Resort Destinations

Is Cabo Ready After Hurricane Odile? Wedding Expert Beverly Clark Tours Mexico’s Top Resort Destinations

Is it time to plan a destination wedding in Cabo? White sand beaches, warm weather, amazing activities and luscious resorts sound perfect, but will your dream be affected by hurricane aftermath? After the September 2014 Hurricane Odile made a surprise and destructive landing on Baja California, the tourists all went home and the rebuilding began. Locals and a few visitors immediately began the arduous work of cleaning in the wake of the storm, while others began envisioning a remodel through the destruction. The only calm after the storm in Cabo was with the booking offices, as homes, hotels, and restaurants were rebuilt. Even the resorts that have been open all winter have seen below average occupancy, but with this, we see an opportunity to get the dates you want and your whole party booked together.

There is always a silver lining to the storm, and we imagine the new and improved Cabo is one of them. Having learned from the four-year-long recovery process of Cancun’s 2005 Hurricane Wilma, the response from each of Cabo’s three areas was fast and efficient. Any plans for a remodel found their catalyst, and those with a dedicated staff and crew found that a hard work ethic really does persevere. According to, nearly twenty resorts opened within the first month, and as of this date, only twelve hotels of the areas fifty-eight remain closed, albeit with plans to open by June.

So why would you plan a trip to Cabo?

With all of the amazing options before you with a destination wedding, we know that first hand experience means a lot. Wedding guru and CEO of the publication, Elite Wedding Collection and, Beverly Clark, is touring top destinations in Mexico, including Cabo, to report on all of the fabulous places to host your dream wedding. If you had your wedding in Mexico or were planning on it, we would love to hear from you! Please make a comment below, or email us your story. To see previous weddings from this beautiful area, read Love at Land’s End.

This post will be updated with the resorts on our love-list, and what the travel experts are saying. Stay tuned!

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