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Alternative Wedding Location Ideas

When you think of weddings in a park, what kind of view comes to mind? A park wedding can be much more than just a grassy area with nearby playground. Here are some other types of beautiful park wedding locations and some considerations when booking a park wedding:

  • National Parks
  • Parks of historic significance
  • Beaches
  • Theme parks
  • Waterfalls
  • Lakes/streamsLakes/streams
  • Chapels or Gazebo/Pavilion in the middle of a park

Things to consider when hosting a park wedding:

  • What permits and fees are required ?
  • What time frames are your vendors allowed access to set up and clean up?
  • Is the space you rented private or open to the public?
  • Are there adequate restrooms ?
  • Is there adequate parking for your guests or is a shuttle required?
  • Who is responsible for the trash and clean up at the end of the event?
  • What type of liability insurance must you provide?
  • Are there environmental restrictions with regard to set up and decor?

Having these questions answered in advance will help you plan and eliminate unwelcome surprises to your planning – and budget- downstream. Need some ideas for the ideal park wedding location?  Check out some of our featured park wedding locations.

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